March 17, 2011

If you are new to the gallery or to our website, you may be unaware of our official, friendly, four-legged greeters at The Laughing Dog Gallery. Our dogs are viewed as an intimate extension of our family with the tradition dating back to the late, great Molly, who would greet our patrons whilst adorned with pearls around her neck.

We are happy to introduce our newest addition to the pack, Sherman, our spunky Bull Mastiff puppy. After involving all of our employees, business partners and friends, we had a list of 20 plus names that we were mulling over for our new pup, and it wasn’t until he blitzed through the doors of The Laughing Dog Gallery that it became obvious that the little “tank” was destined to be called Sherman.

Never before have I met a puppy more fearless and confident. It is safe to say that we have an alpha male on our hands. Our veteran greeters and kindred companions, Sophie and Argus, are adjusting to having a vivacious youngster around. Argus is less tolerant of the puppy’s playfulness and works to avoid Sherman’s expressive energy, but Sophie is much more accepting. She will entertain Sherman’s advances for play and they are quickly becoming friends.

When Argus and Sophie refuse Sherman’s attempts at play, he happily resorts to his favorite toy, the orangutan. The stuffed monkey, currently the size of Sherman, has seen many miles dragged around the gallery floor. When the short-lived energy bursts of a growing pup are exhausted, Sherman retreats to the gift-wrapping room with his toy to partake in one of many daily naps.

Somehow all dog owners forget at some point how much work is entailed in rearing a new puppy. The sleepless nights, potty training, and constant behavioral corrections can be taxing on any new canine owner, but the love, laughs, and cuddles make it all worth it. Sherman is a smart dog who has already almost mastered all of the basics. Like any new addition to a family, he is taking cues from his elders, Sophie and Argus, and learning quickly.

All of our greeters are highly social and love meeting and befriending our customers. We at The Laughing Dog Gallery regard their size as more to love, and they in return have much love to give. Feel free to come in to say hello to Sherman, but don’t forget to save some “pets” for Sophie and Argus!