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Creativity Unleashed

When great ideas come to the minds of gifted artists, wonderful things can happen. At The Laughing Dog Gallery, we celebrate creativity in many ways: by showcasing works by both emerging and acclaimed artists, by offering an eclectic selection of American made craft that can be enjoyed by beginning collectors and experienced art hounds, and by providing our customers with true expertise and outrageously good service. Unleash your own creativity and explore our site. We think you’ll enjoy the journey.

Meet the Top Dogs

Susie earned a B.A. in Art History from Smith College and an M.S. in Architectural Design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She worked in the architectural field and as an architectural illustrator in New England prior to relocating to Florida where she became a licensed Interior Designer. She has completed numerous commercial and residential projects, several having received national publication.

She and her husband, Jeff, founded The Laughing Dog Gallery in Vero Beach, FL in 2000. The gallery has consistently won awards for its collection of fine American Craft, and was named the “Niche Top Retailer of American Craft” in 2007. Susie has been selected to jury national craft competitions, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the Niche Awards.

Jeffery Wilber is a building contractor specializing in luxury residential construction. He is licensed in both Florida and North Carolina and has over 30 years experience transforming mere residences into works of art. His construction company, Studio Two of South Florida, Inc., offers complete design/build services as well as art installation and coordination for gallery clients.


Shop Dogs


DOB:  November 10, 2020

WEIGHT: 110 lbs.

FAVORITE SNACK:  Salmon cookies, peanut butter cookies, cookies of any flavor… got any cookies?


HOBBIES:  Loves golf cart rides, working at the gallery. Wants to be JUST LIKE STELLA.


DOB:  December 15, 2018

WEIGHT: 125 lbs.

FAVORITE SNACK:  cookies, chicken, or anything that isn’t nailed down

KNOWN ACCOMPLICES:  Hazel, his BFF and fellow troublemaker

HOBBIES:  Bullmastiff Fetch, a special version of the game that involves throwing and chasing the toy, but not bringing it back.  Great exercise for his humans. Afterwards, he enjoys Bullmastiff Swimming, which is splashing with his toys in the shallow end.


DOB:  August 12, 2017

Sweetest bullmastiff ever, Dolly has a neurological condition that makes her extra special.  Loves car rides and relaxing in the sunshine.

WEIGHT:  90 lbs. 

FAVORITE SNACK:  Sticks, mulch, grass…

KNOWN ACCOMPLICES:  Her cow neighbor.

HOBBIES:  Following Thomas and Stella and barking at imaginary intruders


July 7, 2014 – June 2, 2024


FAVORITE SNACK: bacon from the deli next door


HOBBIES:  Stealing the limelight from any nearby dogs who obviously pale in comparison to her own fabulousness. Did we mention she is related to Sophie? (see below)

NOTE:  Stella is the first Laughing Dog to have her own postcard. She got tired of constantly being asked to pose with customers — said it interfered with her beauty rest.


December 1, 2010 – June 10, 2018

Always watchful and wary of strangers, he loved his pack and kept his friends close.

WEIGHT:  125 lbs.


HOBBIES:   playing Frisbee, squeaky pig toy and antagonizing Sophie


June 13, 2006 – December 28, 2017

Big and beautiful, large and in charge, Queen of Everything.

FAVORITE FOOD:  ALL the snacks. And don’t give any to Sherman.

HOBBIES: soliciting fanny scratches, napping and overtly ignoring Sherman


October 30, 2004 – March 20, 2014

Gregarious and fun-loving, he was the leader of the pack and resident gallery clown.  


June 2, 1996 – May 21, 2007

A retired champion in the show ring, he was happiest in retirement, hanging out in the gallery.  A Certified Companion Animal, he was gentle and patient with everyone, but especially good to his little brother Argus. Even when Argus was grown, these two boys remained best friends.


June 30, 1998 – June 18, 2005

The grande dame of the The Laughing Dog; she wore a pearl necklace to work.  Best friend to Emma and Nitschke, she tolerated Argus.


The original Laughing Dog, she set the standard.