November 13, 2010

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit a glass studio and watch a glass artist work his magic, you know that the creation of American art glass involves both art and science. From a glob of molten glass attached to a blowing tube, the artist shapes and forms – and blows and blows – until his vision of the finished piece miraculously emerges. While paying attention to the finished form, he also has to work fast before the material hardens because only in the molten stage is the hot glass malleable enough to be worked.

The Laughing Dog Gallery celebrates the skill and vision of the most celebrated American glass artists by showcasing their work among that of the best American craft artists working today. Glass sculpture always makes a unique décor statement and takes pride of place when well displayed, whether at home or elsewhere.

Three glass artists carried by The Laughing Dog Gallery are David Wight, Randi Solin and Michael Hopko. Each has a very different approach to art glass.

David Wight is known for his glass sculptures that capture the beauty and power of waves. In fact, he’s so identified with the form, he’s known as “Big Wave Dave.” His glass wave sculptures freeze the energy of a wave in its tracks, and make a beautiful statement displayed in your home.

Glass pieces by Randi Solin are all about color and form. While having an overall Asian simplicity of form, it’s the layer upon layer of applied color that adds complexity and depth. She designs to pull the viewer in to interact with each piece—to hold it, to pick it up, to look inside and understand what makes it tick.

Not all glass sculpture needs to sit on a pedestal to be admired. The work of Michael Hopko is very approachable and just makes you smile. His aquatic forms marry his love of glass and the marine world. Imagine a blue octopus whose curving tentacles reach out and say “hello” every time you walk into a room.

Choosing works of art in glass is a very personal thing, but rest assured that The Laughing Dog Gallery carries only the best in quality and design. Stop in soon and take a look. We love to “talk art glass.”