March 1, 2011

A man of few words, the radically talented Alex Sepkus is as individually unique as the jewelry he creates. His pieces are comprised of nearly infinitesimal details. An admirer of the work will repeatedly be surprised at the depth and microscopic elements of each piece of jewelry. Even Alex himself is unable to articulate the meticulous process of forming his miniature masterpieces.

Daring to be different is how Sepkus avoids mediocrity. His approach has been described as fanatical and obsessive, resulting in jewelry that goes far beyond the national standard requirements of a jeweler. However, to assume that his finished pieces reflect only his obsessive approach would be to miss the quirky playfulness that the self-described eccentric incorporates into his art.

Many artists throughout history have been described as idiosyncratic, and it is not uncommon for the masses to picture great artists as reclusive, highly intelligent individuals. One such legendary artist of whom we attribute these characteristics to once stated, “I dare affirm that any artist… who has nothing singular, eccentric, or at least reputed to be so, in his person, will never become a superior talent.” – Michelangelo.

Indeed, Sepkus has been credited with being a superior talent by his peers and within the jewelry industry.

The gifted jeweler graciously took a few moments to answer some of our questions that you will find intriguing and at times humorous. His interview reflects his jewelry, precisely to the point and subtlely playful.

The Laughing Dog Gallery: How did you get your start designing jewelry? Was someone or something an inspiration to you?

Alex Sepkus: Everything else bored me.

LDG: What was the first piece you sold?

AS: A ring.

LDG: How has your work evolved since you first began?

AS: It became more beautiful.

LDG: What is most influential in your work and designs?

AS: My brain.

LDG: What is the average length of time to complete a jewelry masterpiece?

AS: Somewhere between 8 hours and three months.

LDG: Describe the process of forming the jewelry from start to finish.

AS: I can’t.

LDG: How do you visualize your jewelry evolving in the future?

AS: I don’t.

LDG: What are your aspirations for your business?

AS: To grow.

LDG: You seem to shy away from the limelight while some artists are drawn to it. Have you always been a private person or is this an extension of your artistic talent?

AS: Both.

LDG: Your perfectionism is obvious in your jewelry. Does this level of perfectionism filter over into other aspects of your life? Has this always been the case?

AS: Yes.

LDG: What is your favorite color?

AS: Camo.

We want to thank Alex Sepkus for giving our readers a glimpse into his artistic expression and psyche. His brevity with words will keep us intrigued, but his unique jewelry art can clearly speak for itself. The Laughing Dog Gallery is looking forward to hosting the Alex Sepkus Trunk Show March 4th and 5th featuring his collection of one-of-a-kind pieces. Own Art, Be Happy!