August 21, 2013

Bernard Katz is a contemporary art glass designer and sculptor who also writes a fantastic blog. Recent posts have included such varied topics as “Repairing Glass Tips,” “3 Ways To Tell If Glass Art Is Valuable,” and “Potato in Glass.” Piques your interest, does it not?

One particular post he wrote really resonated with us, as it centers on a question many a customer has asked us, “Is this piece perfect?” As an artist, Katz was stumped the first time someone asked him this question, and his first instinct was defensive, not because he wasn’t 100% pleased with the glass art but because he “didn’t have a good answer.” So he pondered the question, and, recalling a lesson from art school, he replies, “I came to the conclusion I had never made something that was truly perfect.” And let’s face it, nothing—no person, no object, no experience—is ever truly perfect. Katz agrees the quest for perfection is important and necessary, but impossible to attain, especially in the art and fine craft world. Bernard Katz has accepted this as true and now when he gets asked the question, “Is this piece perfect?” he answers with “a short sweet confident response, ‘I have never made a perfect piece.’” At least one potential buyer responded with a sincere “Good answer” response.

The Laughing Dog Gallery showcases the work of American artist and sculptor Bernard Katz.