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Welcome to our first-ever online Look Book!

                                        To say that 2020 has been a challenge seems like the understatement of

                                        the year.  It’s not exactly the time I would have chosen to celebrate our

                                        gallery’s 20th Anniversary, but perhaps, in some ways, it makes sense.

                                        For all those twenty years, we have focused our attention exclusively

                                        on American-made artwork and jewelry.  Now, more than ever, it feels

                                        like a particularly good decision.  We’re proud of our collection and the

                                        talented artists who create it, and we genuinely love sharing it with you.

                                        Artwork and fine jewelry are best appreciated in person, an experience

                                        that’s very difficult to replicate on a smartphone or tablet.  While nothing

                                        can replace the tactile experience of seeing and experiencing the work

                                        in person, we hope that the beauty contained on these pages will serve

                                        as a reminder that the creativity and talent of the American artisans we

                                        represent is alive and well…and right here at your locally-owned gallery

                                        on Cardinal Drive.

                                        For those of you unable to visit us, or who just aren’t ready to make the

                                        trip, we hope you’ll find a hint of The Laughing Dog experience here.

                                        We are delighted to assist you with your holiday shopping via phone,

                                        email, or private shopping.

                                        By shopping with us this season, you’ll be supporting American artisans

                                        and your local economy.  You’ll also be giving some of the coolest, most

                                        unique gifts you’ll find anywhere.

                                        Let’s spread some American-made happiness this holiday season!

                                        Season’s Greetings,
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