You hold in your hands a piece of contemporary history. Possibly invented in the 12th century, along with the magnetic compass as an aid to navigation, Sandtimers and Hourglasses are cultural icons that have come to symbolize the passage of time. Even in today’s modern age we see an Hourglass on our computer screens as we download files or launch programs.

I have taken this age old symbol and given it a contemporary twist with unique designs in cast pewter, matched with exotic woods and burls from around the world. After importing hand blown glass from England, I individually handcraft each Crane & Co. Sandtimer in my one-man-studio. It is my hope that I am creating what will someday become one of your treasured family heirlooms.

The care of your Sandtimer should be quite simple. You can use any type of glass cleaner on the glass and any type of furniture polish on the wood. It is my hope that you and your family will enjoy your Crane & Co. Sandtimer for generations to come.

We can wrap it and ship it today.

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